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A Year in the Life of an ESL Student can be used by:

Teachers as a supplementary text for advanced-level adult ESL students.
Students who want to improve their comprehension and usage of idioms and advanced vocabulary found in daily conversations, movies, TV shows, and radio broadcasts.
Students who need to refine their understanding and usage of social register.
Students who are currently studying English at a language school in North America.
Students who are preparing to study English abroad or those who desire further study once they have returned to their country.

Each of the 16 chapters in the book consist of:

Dialogues that use the idioms and vocabulary in a realistic manner and deal with the experiences and challenges that an ESL student is likely to have while studying in North America.
Clearly written definitions complete with sample sentences.
A wide range of exercises that reinforce the idioms and vocabulary that are covered in the dialogues (i.e. matching, cloze, crossword, word search, and scrambled sentences).

Thoughtful comprehension questions that assess a student’s understanding of the dialogue.

Engaging discussion questions that push the students to use the idioms and vocabulary to talk about their own life experiences.
Interesting extension exercises that draw a student’s attention to one specific aspect of the dialogue.

The final section of the book contains:

A list of websites related to the topics discussed in each of the chapters.
An easy-to-use and concise answer key.
A glossary that includes all of the idioms and vocabulary covered in the dialogues.

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