Chapter Two: WANDERING AROUND THE CITY - continued


adj. – adjective
exclam. – exclamation
n. – noun
adv. – adverb
i. – idiom, phrasal verb
v. – verb

bundle of nerves (a) i. – very nervous
I was a bundle of nerves before I took the TOEFL exam.

kick oneself (to) i. – regret doing something
I could just kick myself for leaving my wallet in the restaurant last night.

keyed up i. – very nervous
The tennis player was keyed up while he waited for his match to begin.

knot in one’s stomach (a) i. – a nervous feeling in the stomach
I had a knot in my stomach when I asked that beautiful girl for a date.

change of pace (a) i. – a change from one activity to something different
I’m tired of studying. How about a change of pace? Why don’t we go for coffee?

wander (to) v. – walk slowly, saunter, stroll
Would you like to wander through the shopping mall this afternoon?

know one’s way around (to) i. – be familiar with a particular area
I’ve never been to this part of town before. Do you know your way around?

take in the sights (to) i. – sightsee
I’d like to take in the sights after we check into the hotel.

down-and-out i. – destitute, very poor
The unshaven man in the dirty clothes looks down-and-out.

wrong side of the tracks (the) i. – the bad section of a city
She became a millionaire even though she grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.

play it safe (to) i. – be careful
I think you’ve had too much to drink. Let’s play it safe and take a taxi home.

as far as someone knows i. – to the best of one’s knowledge
As far as I know, there’s a bank right around the next corner.

get off the beaten path (to) i. – go to an area not visited by most people
He was completely lost for two hours after he got off the beaten path.

run out of something (to) i. – use up all of something
I ran out of things to do in my free time while I was living in that small town.

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